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Manulatex GCM 0 Chainmail Wirst Gloves

Manulatex GCM 0 Chainmail Wirst Gloves
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Manulatex GCM 0 Chainmail Wirst Gloves

  • Chainmail gloves INOX 316 L
  • Wire f 0.5 mm.
  • Rings diameter: inside 3mm, outside 4mm.
  • Without cuff
  • Reversible.
  • Welded polyurethane strap/ press-stud fastening.
  • CE EN 1082-1 standard.


  • No 0-brown                  XXS    5-51/2
  • No 1 - green                 XS       6-61/2
  • No. 2 - white                S         7-71/2
  • No. 3 – red                   M         8-81/2
  • No. 4 – blue                  L          9-91/2
  • No. 5 – yellow              XL       10
  • The using of chainmail gloves is limited to the protection against cuttings and stabbings due to hand knife or electrical trimmers, of the hand which is not bearing the sharp tool. Gloves must not be worn for work involving cogged machines or tools to avoid any risk of snapping up.
  • Cleaning can be achieved by means of vigorous brushing water at 50oC. Rinsing requires water at 82oC.
  • Disinfection must be achieved using a non – acid product authorised y the appropriate health authorities.