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Microchem3000-Anh Quần áo chống hóa chất

Microchem3000-Anh Quần áo chống hóa chất
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Microchem® 3000 is one of the lightest and most comfortable chemical protective garments on the market today

Featuring a soft and flexible 3-layer fabric, strong ultrasonically welded seams and an effective chemical barrier against most inorganic chemicals

- Chemical handling or transportation
- Oil based mud protection
- Offshore drilling
- Pesticide/insecticide spraying
- Land reclamation and clean-up
- Food Industry caustic clean downs

Microchem 3000 coveralls meet the following European Norms
- Type 3 EN14605
- Type 4 EN14605
- Type 5 EN13982-1(&2)
- EN14126
- EN1073-2
- EN1149-1

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